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Open Health Imaging Foundation (OHIF) and Cornerstone Medical Web Viewer

Project OHIF, Cornerstone
Partner Organization hack.diversity
Funding Cycle D&I

Proposal Summary

To partner with hack.diversity to serve as curriculum designers and mentors, equipping their Fellows to contribute to open source web-based medical imaging, as well as mentor existing global OHIF contributors.


OHIF, Cornerstone
Proposed Work

The OHIF/Cornerstone open source web-based medical imaging framework has been widely adopted by growing numbers of projects. This proposal addresses challenges of leadership progression for a diverse group of existing OHIF contributors, as well as engaging and training new software developers from underrepresented groups in technology. This work aims to broaden the community engagement capacity in order to identify and mentor contributors from historically underserved groups. Secondly, this funding will support work with hack.diversity in Boston, an organization committed to training and providing opportunities to underrepresented groups in technology, to create career pathways into the life science community for their Fellows with software development backgrounds and life science interests. The OHIF team will serve as curriculum designers and mentors, equipping hack.diversity Fellows to contribute to open-source web-based medical imaging by the end of their five-month projects through deconstructed Hackathons. Working with hack.diversity will allow OHIF to develop training materials targeted at newcomers, which will be released as OHIF documentation to the global community.

Partner Organization


Established in 2016, hack.diversity is the talent provider that helps remarkable people succeed by closing the gap between the culture organizations have and the one organizations want. hack.diversity partners with employers to tap into the full potential of the talent landscape by bridging underrepresented communities of technologists into the field and helping organizations evolve systems-wide practice to drive retention and promotion of that talent. Over five cycles, they have powered a network of over 250 Fellows to contribute to over 50 companies.