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OpenRefine for Everyone

Project OpenRefine
Funding Cycle D&I

Proposal Summary

To continue to diversify contributors by building capacity in project management, as well as offering internships and eliminating cultural or linguistic biases in the Open Refine tool.

Associated Grant


Proposed Work

The scope of this proposal aims to mentor selected interns, run OpenRefine’s participation in diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, support applicants, and sustain a welcoming atmosphere for prospective and existing contributors. Additionally, this work will focus on improving a range of areas where OpenRefine could be more inclusive, including improving the interface to display translations of English text, changing the many clustering features centered around the Latin alphabet, which are of little use for many datasets. This work will address these issues in order to not only better serve better but also to attract contributors from diverse backgrounds, who will be in a good position to identify other such biases in OpenRefine.