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Sustained Code and Community Development for NetworkX

Project NetworkX
Funding Cycle 4

Proposal Summary

To expand and strengthen the NetworkX developer community, reinforce connections with the scientific Python ecosystem, improve documentation and training materials for users, and refine development infrastructure and process.



NetworkX has recently addressed years of technical debt, formalized our governance structure, and prepared for another decade of growth. Even with a firm foundation, building the developer community will require sustained efforts and further systemic maintenance is needed. The focus of this proposal is on community development and sustained maintenance of the project. Additionally, the diversity of the core development team needs to be strengthened. The team hopes to increase diversity through direct recruitment as well as broad interaction with potential developers and programs like GSoC and Outreachy, as well as outreach to biomedical experts.

Key Personnel

Daniel Schult
Mridul Seth
Jarrod Millman