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Fluorescence Nanoscopy in Bioimaging

Award Expanding Global Access to Bioimaging

Project Summary

The project aims to address critical limitations in using super-resolution microscopy (SRM) in biomedical sciences in Latin America by establishing visiting scientific programs that will support the exchange of imaging and biomedical scientists in Mexico and Argentina. Together with the organization of a Latin American advanced bioimaging meeting, two hands-on workshops on fluorescence nanoscopy will take place in each country to facilitate access to equipment and expertise of imaging in biomedical science in the selected regions. 


This team will also establish a visiting scholarship program to promote the widespread use of the imaging equipment present in nanoscopic imaging facilities in Mexico and Argentina. Support for underrepresented populations, students, and early-career scientists will be encouraged through an open competition call for these scholarships. Along with capacity building, this collaborative project will also support the development of a computational tool to provide nanoscopic resolution for images taken with any fluorescence microscope, improving biomedical research in Mexico and Argentina.


Principal Investigator
Mariano Buffone, PhD
Mariano Buffone, PhD
Co-Principal Investigators
Adán Guerrero, PhD
Adán Guerrero, PhD