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Supporting ImageJ and Fiji and Expanding its Contributors

Award Imaging Software Fellow


Curtis T. Rueden

University of Wisconsin, Madison


Curtis T. Rueden, a Software Architect in the Eliceiri research group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will continue to develop ImageJ and Fiji in collaboration with several international partners. This includes expanding its contributions from non-programmers, amateur programmers, and professional developers alike. A concerted software engineering effort is needed to support emerging imaging paradigms and ensure Fiji’s ability to handle the requirements of modern science. Curtis will assist in this engineering effort and lead efforts for collaboration between tools and projects in the open-source imaging community.

Project Description

ImageJ, an open-source Java program, was originally released in 1997 as a freeware image analysis program, and is one of the most-used tools for imaging scientists across the globe. ImageJ has a large audience of users and developers of varying skill levels, interests, and applications, and has since grown into the Fiji and ImageJ2 open-source platforms with over 1,000 plugins (and counting), which add key image analysis tools. ImageJ and related projects are cited in over 10,000 publications across a wide range of domains of biology.