May 9, 2024 · 2 min read

Priscilla Chan Discusses the Role of AI in Biomedicine With the New York Academy of Sciences

CZI co-founder and co-CEO Dr. Priscilla Chan discusses how AI will pave the way for new breakthroughs that will bring scientists closer to curing, preventing, or managing all diseases by the end of this century.

Drs. Richard Lifton and Priscilla Chan sit side-by-side in armchairs on stage.
Priscilla Chan discusses CZI’s efforts to create predictive models of cells and cell systems with The Rockefeller President, Dr. Richard Lifton, at a New York Academy of Sciences event.

Advances in artificial intelligence are opening the door to a myriad of new discoveries that could help scientists cure, prevent, or manage all diseases by the end of this century. Dr. Priscilla Chan, the co-founder and co-CEO of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), shared her perspective on how AI is helping answer the most fundamental questions about human biology at a recent event with the New York Academy of Science.

Moderated by the president of The Rockefeller University Dr. Richard Lifton, MD, PhD, the conversation highlighted CZI’s vision to build virtual cell models that scientists can use to make predictions about the behavior of healthy and diseased cells, which will have broad applications for biomedical research, disease diagnosis and therapeutic development. Dr. Chan also discussed the exciting progress emerging from the CZ Biohub Network including CZ Biohub New York’s vision to harness our immune system to detect, prevent, and ultimately treat diseases before they advance.

As a technology-driven philanthropy, CZI is committed to building open-source tools that accelerate the pace of research and enabling AI at scale to advance the frontiers of science. Read more about our vision to build virtual cell models.


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