CZ Biohub and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Will Host Leading Scientists

Feb 22, 2017


Did you know that scientists are still discovering new types of cells in the human body? The Human Cell Atlas will collect all those learnings in one easily accessible place so that scientists can better understand how healthy cells work, and what goes wrong when disease strikes.

This week we are co-hosting, along with the Biohub, a convening of more than 200 researchers from around the world who are working on cutting-edge techniques and technologies that will help to build this important tool. The Human Cell Atlas will serve as a reference for scientists everywhere and will ultimately help to cure, prevent or manage all diseases by the end of the century.

The Human Cell Atlas is a bold project to create a map of every cell type in the human body. It is an international collaboration among many research institutions. The Cell Atlas will help scientists and doctors formulate a better understanding of human health and disease.

Starting tomorrow, CZ Biohub and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative will host leading scientists at Stanford University for a two-day meeting of the Human Cell Atlas project to address the technological challenges and opportunities associated with this project. Their discussions will have a profound impact on the how healthy cells work, and what goes wrong when future of biology and medicine. Learn more about the Human Cell Atlas here: