New Investment in Ellevation Education

Jan 12, 2018


Jim Shelton: About 1 in 10 students across the country are English Language Learners. In California, 1 in 4 are ELL students. We’re investing in another round of funding for Ellevation Education, a software company that develops programs that help teachers meet the needs of their ELL students.

Ellevation’s programs help teachers track student progress in language proficiency, collaborate with specialists and other teachers across schools to share best practices and results, and better individualize instruction to meet each English learner where they are. This personalized attention can help students become proficient in English faster, breaking down barriers to learning. Ellevation has established a panel of research and development experts as advisors to improve their programs and ensure that they align to the latest breakthroughs in learning science.

At the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, we’re proud to invest in this important work helping teachers better serve their ELL students.