Oct 30, 2017 · 2 min read

Expanding Access to Personalized Learning Opportunities with The College Board


Jim Shelton:  Figuring out what comes after high school is a complex endeavor for any student – from finding the right post-secondary program, to admissions tests and application essays. It can be even more daunting for students from low-income communities who often lack access to the same resources as their wealthier peers.

That’s why the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is supporting The College Board to help millions of students across the country – particularly in low-income and rural communities – better prepare for college and career. Through the partnership with CZI, the College Board will dramatically expand access to unique, personalized learning opportunities – including customized SAT practice through Khan Academy, Advanced Placement courses and peer advising through the National College Advising Corps.

These resources have demonstrated the ability to help students improve their test scores and identify a program that best fits their needs and passions. A recent analysis found that students who spent just 6-8 hours practicing for the SAT with Khan Academy courses improved their scores by an average of 90 points. Those who studied for 20 hours saw a 115 point boost.

At the heart of our partnership is also research and increased understanding. The College Board is convening the best minds in the field of academic motivation, including highly-regarded scientists such as Angela Duckworth, and Greg Walton, to explore the factors contributing most to students’ practice, overall effort, and progress toward post-secondary success.

At CZI, we believe deeply that with access to high quality personalized learning experiences, students can achieve their full potential. We’re thrilled to be partnering with the College Board to give opportunities to many more students and to learn what it takes to help them reach their full potential.
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