More Personal Means More Equitable and Just

Dec 8, 2017


What do we mean when we say that we support personalized approaches to education? Jim Shelton weighs in about our vision to empower teachers and enable students to reach their potential by tapping into their passions and embracing the important roles of social-emotional and interpersonal skills, mental and physical health, and sense of purpose.

Jim Shelton:  At the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative our mission is to advance human potential and promote equal opportunity. I wrote this piece to share how our Education team is approaching that mission and why we believe a more personalized education will not only produce better outcomes for each student but be more equitable and just for all children – and especially those who have had the least advantage. We believe that if we shift the status quo to recognize that students’ needs and opportunities extend far beyond the “academic” and tailor learning to individual children – taking into account the needs of the whole child – we can empower teachers to do the work of their lives and all students to thrive and excel in ways that too few do today.

The work of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative in education