Apr 4, 2019 · 3 min read

Our Commitment to Safeguarding Student Information


At CZI, our Education work is aimed at ensuring that all students get an education tailored to their needs and supportive of every aspect of their development. Our hope is that every young person will enter adulthood with the skills and abilities they need to reach their full potential and that every teacher is equipped with the tools and resources they need to help get students there.

We also believe that technology has a critical role to play in this work by empowering each educator with the latest tools and information to tailor education to the holistic needs of the whole child.

Using technology and personal information safely and securely is critical. We take our responsibility to safeguard the privacy and security of this student information seriously, which is why we are a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge and have published privacy principles to share our strong commitment to safeguarding student personal data.

Today, we are providing more information about how we access and use data in our role as the technology partner for T.L.P. Education’s Summit Learning Program on our updated privacy principles page. We’ve worked with educators and privacy experts to make our commitments even clearer and stronger.  

Our hope is that this additional transparency brings clarity about how we view the importance of safeguarding student data in all the work we and our partners do as well as more details about how we work with T.L.P. Education to safeguard student information.  We also hope this transparency helps to build further trust among students, parents, and teachers as we work to support students’ educational journeys.

The Summit Learning Program is a personalized approach to teaching and learning designed to help students develop the skills, knowledge, and habits that will prepare them for a lifetime of success.

In service of making that possible, CZI’s team works closely each day with T.L.P. Education as the technology partner for the Summit Learning Program, building and operating the online platform, used by more than 300 schools nationwide. By combining our technological expertise with the expertise of educators, we are able to create and enhance tools that provide teachers and school leaders real-time access to information on how well their students are doing. The platform also helps students learn content in the way and at a pace that works best for them.

In addition to supporting the technology, CZI makes grants to support the Summit Learning Program’s work with more than 2,000 teachers across the nation, and our education experts work with the Summit Learning team to integrate the science of learning and development into the approach and materials used in Summit Learning Program classrooms.

We’re excited about the pro-bono engineering support CZI provides to help educators personalize learning in their classrooms. Every young person, with different life experiences, passions, strengths, and needs, deserves an education that leads to a bright future we’re inspired by the role technology plays along the way, and committed to supporting the hard work of teachers to help students realize that great potential.

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