iNACOL 2017: Using Cognitive Psychology Tools to Inform Education Practices

Dec 6, 2017


Understanding the way students learn is key to meeting them where they are and helping them to succeed. Bror Saxberg, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s vice president of Learning Science, gives a short overview of the basics of cognitive psychology that should be in every educator’s toolkit.

Jim Shelton:  We have a lot more to understand about how learning works to remove barriers to student success. We know from research that there are different ways information is stored and processed, and that many factors determine a person’s motivation to learn. Our VP of Learning Science at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Bror Saxberg is working to bring evidence-based practices and approaches, that take into account the latest research about how information is taken in and understood, to help teachers reach their students and make progress.

The 6-Minute Master’s in Cognitive Psychology from CZI’s Bror Saxberg

Bror Saxberg offers a beginner’s guide to how the mind works and the essential learning science for educators in his keynote at the 2017 iNACOL…