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Projects bioRxiv,

bioRxiv (pronounced “bio-archive”) is a free online archive and distribution service for preprints in the life sciences. It is operated by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, a not-for-profit research and educational institution. By posting research manuscripts as preprints on bioRxiv, authors are able to make their findings immediately available to the scientific community and receive feedback on the manuscripts before submitting them to journals.

Key Personnel

John Inglis
Richard Sever
Samatha Hindle
Ted Roeder
Kevin-John Black is a mission-driven organization dedicated to the development and spread of open, standards-based annotation technologies and practices that enable anyone to annotate anywhere on the web. Our mission is to help people reason more effectively together through a shared, collaborative discussion layer over all knowledge. The company is based in San Francisco, CA, USA, with a dedicated worldwide team that supports, the digital annotation tool that enables people to make notes in the margins of digital texts published on the web and share them with others. Social annotation enables readers to engage deeply with published works and fosters communities of readers, authors, and editors.

Key Personnel

Dan Whaley
Daryl Hedley
Peg Fowler