Immigration Reform

We believe in an America where everyone can reach their full potential. That’s why we support comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families and communities together, drives economic growth for all, and includes a path to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants without status who call our country home.

December 11, 2019 | Participants working on signs for volunteers at the Rio Grande Valley Capacity Assessment Process meeting in Brownsville, TX. | Photograph by Scott Kohn.
December 4, 2019 | Participants attending the Movement Capacity Building Meeting in Washington, D.C. | Photograph by Chandler West.

Refocusing the Immigration Debate

Immigration has long powered the American dream, and immigrants have helped build the economic and cultural strength of our nation. All sorts of immigrants enrich our culture and expand our economy. They contribute every day as neighbors, co-workers and consumers.

Now more than ever, we need bipartisan collaboration and common-sense immigration policy reforms to ensure we have a functional and humane system that truly supports families, communities, and the economy into the next generation. A majority of Americans of all political leanings support such reforms.

Our Work on Immigration Issues

To make comprehensive immigration reform a reality, we partner with and fund organizations across the political spectrum, like, to advance smart immigration policies, build spaces for collaboration, and shift the narrative on this often-misrepresented topic. Our partners work across the country to support immigrant communities and build capacity for broader, bipartisan reform.

Expanding the Field

In order to push for inclusive, pragmatic immigration policies, we support a diverse group of organizations, leaders, and unlikely allies through grantmaking and partnerships. We prioritize high-need but underserved regions across the country — such as the southwest border, the South, and the Midwest.

Growing Grassroots Power

Through training, capacity-building, and catalytic grants, we’re empowering directly impacted leaders and their allies to win permanent relief for more than 400,000 Temporary Protected Status holders.

Telling Stories that Matter

The organizations we support have compelling stories to tell about immigrants’ contributions to American life and the economy. We conduct research, share findings, and support narrative change work to help these organizations uplift immigrants’ stories and spotlight the urgent need for comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform.

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