Neurodegeneration Challenge Network

Neurodegenerative disorders, like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, and Huntington’s Disease, are a leading cause of death and disability worldwide. There are no effective therapies to prevent, cure, or treat most of these disorders. To make progress, we’re developing a new kind of collaborative network — one that brings new ideas and new people into the field, supports them with well validated tools and resources, and asks them to look at this problem from a cross-disease perspective.

The CZI Neurodegeneration Challenge Network brings together experimental scientists from diverse research fields, along with computational biologists and physicians, to understand the fundamental biology of neurodegenerative disorders. Their shared aim is to develop new strategies for the treatment and prevention of neurodegenerative diseases.


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One large, pink and dark blue, star-shaped cell appears with tree-like tendrils against a dark background.
A cultured rat astrocyte with its mitochondria labeled in red. Photo by CZI Neurodegeneration Challenge Network grantee Cagla Eroglu.
A woman stands in front of an easel with large sheets of paper and speaks to several meeting participants.
CZI Neurodegeneration Challenge Network early career grantee Molly Gale Hammell presents to Challenge Network members at a meeting.

Neurodegeneration Challenge Network Mentors

CZI values the critical role that mentors and mentorship play in career development. We are grateful for the contributions of the Neurodegeneration Challenge Network Mentors who provide mentorship for the Ben Barres Early Career Acceleration Award grantees, to help them reach their fullest scientific and professional potential.


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