Dec 12, 2019 · 1 min read

Webinar: RFA for Neurodegeneration Challenge Network Collaborative Pairs


New Funding Opportunity Supports Collaborative Research on Neurodegenerative Disease

Watch the webinar to learn more about the Neurodegeneration Challenge Network Collaborative Pairs RFA, a new funding opportunity supporting interdisciplinary collaborative research on neurodegenerative disease. You can also view the slides and read the FAQ for more information. 

About the Neurodegeneration Challenge Network

The CZI Neurodegeneration Challenge Network, launched in 2018, aims to advance the understanding of the basic biology and underlying mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases by bringing new people and ideas into the field; developing shared tools and resources; and motivating a new type of collaborative, interdisciplinary, and open science-driven approach.

About the Collaborative Pairs RFA

CZI invites applications from collaborative pairs of researchers to carry out pilot projects that aim to explore innovative, interdisciplinary approaches for addressing key challenges in the biology of neurodegenerative diseases. Successful pilots will be eligible to apply for additional four-year project development grants. Collaborative Pairs teams will benefit from the support and resources of the CZI Neurodegeneration Challenge Network.

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