Homeless Children, Youth, and Families

Guided by the belief that everyone deserves access to safe and secure housing, we’re committed to supporting San Mateo County’s homeless children, youth, and families.

May 2019 | Children play at a LifeMoves shelter in San Mateo County. LifeMoves provides interim shelter and services for local homeless families.

A Hidden Population

More than 2,000 students in San Mateo County identified as experiencing homelessness and housing instability in 2016. While some students and their families faced unsheltered, visible homelessness, most remain hidden—doubling or tripling up in apartments and living in garages, motels, and vehicles.

Our Approach

We work alongside local partners to deepen our shared understanding of community needs and strengthen collaboration to address youth and family homelessness and housing instability in San Mateo County.

Shining a Light

The first step in supporting homeless youth and families is understanding their unique challenges. In addition to our continued community engagement, we work with institutions like the John W. Gardner Center at Stanford University to deepen our shared knowledge of youth and family homelessness.

Building Local Capacity

We work with local providers like Life MovesStarVista, and Samaritan House to increase their capacity to provide responsive and community-informed services to hidden, homeless, and unstably housed community members.

Working Together

Organizations across San Mateo County work tirelessly to address homelessness and housing instability. We bring these groups together so they can leverage the power of a coordinated, collaborative approach to their solutions.

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