CZI Coffee Chat: Prosecutors Control the Front Door

Mar 16, 2018


“Prosecutors are the ones who control the front door. They decide whether a case is going to be charged or whether an individual will be diverted from the justice system. They decide whether a young person will be tried as an adult, left in a juvenile court system, simply given a harsh warning, or given support to put them on a different pathway.”

Across the country, important work is happening to change state laws and sentencing practices. If we want to stem the tide of mass incarceration, we also need to elect and support prosecutors who are committed to a fair, equitable justice system. Miriam Krinsky knows this from experience, having spent 15 years as a federal prosecutor, and many more fighting for systematic change. At Fair and Just Prosecution, she’s bringing together prosecutors committed to reform, many of them newly-elected, to learn from one another by sharing ideas and best practices. Watch her discuss opportunities for prosecutorial reform in our criminal justice system with Sasha Post, the Policy Director for CZI’s Justice & Opportunity Initiative.

As a part of our #CZICoffeeChat series, we aim to share conversations with people like Miriam Krinsky who inspire us. Their stories continue to challenge us to view issues from multiple perspectives, to listen to our communities and those most affected by challenges, and to learn more as we aim to build a future for everyone.