Tools and Technologies for the Human Cell Atlas

Jan 10, 2018


Over two days, we brought together the leaders of projects that are working to develop technologies and establish best practices for the Human Cell Atlas project.

Cori Bargmann: Early last year, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative invited applications for one-year pilot projects to help develop technologies and establish best practices for the Human Cell Atlas. Last week, the researchers leading the awarded projects met in San Francisco to connect, share their project plans, and initiate further collaborations.

These investigators span eight countries and four continents, so it was a special treat to have everyone together in person to discuss their projects and learn about each others’ work. The energy in the room was great. We heard from scientists studying specific cell types, like Fiona Watt of King’s College in London, who is working to optimize the analysis of cells in healthy human skin. We heard from technologists, including a collaboration of 16 groups who are bench-marking methods together led by Ed Lein at the Allen Institute for Brain Research.

I learned so much over those two days. This meeting was a fantastic way to start the new year, and I’m looking forward to our continued collaborations